Fast Yellow Pages Scraper

Find thousands of local businesses in minutes. Yellow Scrape will extract business name, address, phone number, website, emails, social properties, and contact names. The software comes with a powerful email verifier and a website mobile responsive tester too.

Use Yellow Scrape to extract all the yellow pages data you need to create massive lists of local leads. Extract the data from the yellow pages to find new potential customers.



Lead Scrape

Currently we are working on a big update of Yellow Scrape and is not available for download/purchase.

You can check out our other product "Lead Scrape" if you are looking for a powerful Lead Scraper. It supports over 25 countries.

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About Yellow Scrape

Get thousands of potential leads from the Yellow Pages around the world. More than 25 countries are supported, and it’s by far the fastest Yellow Pages Scraper on the market.


  • Connector.

    Powerful Lead Scraper

    Find business leads, fast data extractor.

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    Email Extractor

    Fast and powerful business email scraper. Find thousands of emails for your B2B lead lists.

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    Email Verifier

    Verify all emails scraped to make sure they are valid.

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    Social Properties

    Yellow Scrape will extract the social properties (Facebook, Twitter..) of each scraped company.

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    Contacts Scraper

    Find contact names and job titles of people working at scraped businesses.

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    Proxy Support

    Yellow Scrape comes with it’s own set of proxies updated every five minutes.

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    Website Responsive Test

    Fast mobile responsive test on all scraped websites.

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Use Yellow Scrape to

Build Business Directories Websites
Find Business Phone Numbers for Cold Calling
Collecting Email Addresses for Email Marketing
Create Scraping Services for Businesses
Scrape data for any type of business anywhere in the world
Generate complete lists of potential customers with their address, phone, email and contact person
Sell Leads to your Customers
Extract data for email marketing, Cold Calling, Direct Mail
Offer your services to Local Businesses
Scrape every business phone number and email
Use our scraping tool to generate more leads
Scrape every business social media
Extract contact information
Extract data like address, phone, zip code, email address, buyer decision name
Use our Yellow Pages Scraper to find companies that still do not have a mobile responsive website
Use our data scraper to create and unlimited stream of lead generation

Yellow Scrape is very easy to use scraper software. Simply select the business type, the location, and Yellow Scrape will do all the rest. Stop buying outdated and expensive marketing lists, our local scraper is Business to Business lead generation tool that can help you create unlimited lists of potential customers.

Powerful Yellow Pages Scraper

You can scrape a city, a state, or an entire country. Create huge lists of updated potential buyers. With our yellow pages spider you can get details of companies, shops, services in any city from 25 different countries. Our tool allows you to scrape the most popular yellow pages directories in the world. Free Trial available.

I have been using Yellabot and Lead Kahuna for quite some time. Yellow Scrape is a vast improvement, more countries, faster, and more details.

Helen Wood

I love the fact that it finds tons of social properties (Facebook, Twitter..) for each business.

Anthony Powell

This is a great Yellow Pages Scraper, after using Yellabot Gold for years I changed to this one and could not be happier.

Sam Bolton

List of Supported Countries


New Zealand

United Kingdom
United States


How can a scraper software help my business?

It can help to create many lists of potential customers with address, phone numer, email address and contact name, great to make the first contact and propose to potential new customers your company and services.

Is the data from the yellow pages up to date?

Most of the yellow pages directories update their data on a daily base, most of the times a scraping software will help you have a much up to date list than any off the shelf ready made purchased database.

Does scraping take a long time?

That depends on what you need to scrape. If you are after all restaurants in the United States, then that will take some time, if you only need to scrape 5-10 cities, that can be done in one hour or two, it really depends on the amount of data you are after.

Can I use a Yellow Pages data extractor to get X list?

If the data is available in your country YP directory then you can extract that database, save it as a CSV file and use it for your marketing campaigns.

Is a scraping software difficult to use?

A good data scraper usually only needs you to fill in the market type you are interested in, the location and the data you need (email addresses, contacts…), then simply wait for the app to finish and deliver the list.

Can your Yellow Pages Scraper search for more cities at a time?

Yes, you can select a city (Ex. Chicago) or a State (ex. California) or you can import a list of cities you want to get data from.