Yellow Scrape is the Fastest and most powerful yellow pages scraper on the market. Supports over 25 countries

Find thousands of local business leads in minutes. Yellow Scrape will extract business name, address, phone number, website, emails and social properties.


About Yellow Scrape

Scrape thousands of potential leads from the yellow pages around the world. More than 25 countries are supported, and it's by far the fastest yellow pages scraper on the market.


Powerful Email Scraper

Powerful and fast email scraper. Find thousands of email addresses for your B2B lead lists.

Social properties

Yellow Scrape will extract the social properties (Facebook, Twitter..) of each scraped company.

Proxy Support

Yellow Scrape comes with his own set of proxies. You can add private proxy to improve speed.


Use Yellow Scrape to:

  • Build Sites & Business Directories
  • Find Business Phone Numbers for Cold Calling
  • Collecting Email Addresses for Email Marketing
  • Create Scraping Services for Businesses
  • Generate lists of potential customers


Yellow Scrape is very easy to use. Simply select the business type, the location, and the software will do all the rest. Stop buying outdated and expensive lists, our software is Business to business lead generation tool that can help you create unlimited lists of potential customers.



Helen Wood
I have been using Yellabot and Lead Kahuna for quite some time. Yellow Scrape is a vast improvement, more countries, faster, and more details.
Anthony Powell
I love the fact that it finds tons of social properties (Facebook, Twitter..) for each business.
Carol Patterson
I tried many similar software like Yellow pages extractor, Yellabot, Local scraper…but Yellow Scrape is on another level, way better in any sense.

Yellow Scrape

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Today we downloaded the free trial available on their website of Yellabot and Yellow Pages Extractor and compared them with the free trial of Yellow Scrape, we wanted to compare the three programs from a performance and quality of results, and see what are the differences between the tools  available today on the market.

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Why Use a Lead Scraper Software?

Every business has to start somewhere. You can use our software to create a list of thousands of potential customers, then contact them via phone, email or on their social pages. You can use Yellow Scrape to create your own niche or local directory. A Leads Scraper Tool can help you create list of prospect customers to give to your sales team.