Yellabot Vs Yellow Pages Extractor Vs Yellow Scrape

Today we downloaded the free trial available on their website of Yellabot and Yellow Pages Extractor and compared them with the free trial of Yellow Scrape, we wanted to compare the three programs from a performance and quality of results, and see what is the best Yellow Pages Database Scraper available today on the market. We used on all three the same search (Marketing as keyword and Lodi, CA as location). The results that each app had to scrape where 82. See below how each one performed in the test, and at the end of the page you can find links where you can download the trials for yourself and replicate the test.

The two main details we where interested where speed and quality of the results.

1) Yellow Scrape – 72 seconds
2) Yellabot – 87 seconds
3) Yellowpagesextractor – 483 seconds

For speed both Yellow Scrape and Yellabot where very close, but the big difference here was that while Yellow Scrape was using public proxy found on the internet Yellabot gold was using our own ip, giving Yellabot a great advantage (we tried using proxy on all three apps both Yellabot and Yellow pages extractor failed to work while using proxy). Third in pace was Yellowpagesextractor, that took over five times the other two apps to scrape the same results.

Quality of the scraped data
All three apps scraped the yellow pages data correctly; name, address and phone numbers. The differences where when it came to number of websites and emails scraped, and I think we all agree how important is today a good business email scraper.

Yellow Scrape found 38 websites and 32 emails
Yellowpagesextractor 38 websites and 24 emails
Yellabot found 38 websites and only 5 emails.

Below you can find the links where you can download a free trial of each tested tool.

Yellow Scrape


Yellow Pages Extractor